Zenith American Solutions

Frequently Asked Annuity Questions

Q. When will I become a participant?

A. You will become a participant in the Plan on the date the first contribution is received by the Fund on your behalf.

Q. What are the vesting rules?

A. You are always 100% vested in the amount in your individual account.

Q. How are the assets in my individual account invested?

A. You are allowed to direct the investment of your contributions among the diversified options offered by the Plan. The Fund Office automatically provides new participants with a packet of materials describing each of the investment options available and the procedures for selecting and changing investment funds. If you have lost these materials, you may request another information packet by calling or writing the Fund Office. If you do not make an investment election, the Plan designates a “Default Investment” where your contributions will be invested.

Q. When am I eligible to receive benefits?

A. When you retire, become disabled or cease working in covered employment for a specified period of time. For more details, please see your Summary Plan Description.

Q. How do I apply for Defined Contribution Plan B benefits?

A. The Fund Office recommends that you apply for your benefits three (3) months prior to the date in which you would first become eligible for the benefit you are requesting. You may obtain an application form by calling, writing, or stopping by the Fund Office. You can read more about your benefits and the documents you need to fill out to apply for your benefits in the Defined Benefit Plan SPD.

Q. Can I borrow money from my Defined Contribution Plan B?

A. No, under this plan you are not allowed to borrow money for any reason.