Zenith American Solutions

Frequently Asked Pension Questions

Q. I am ready to retire, what do I need to do?

A. A pension must be applied for by completing the application form(s) and declarations(s) which are available from the Fund Office. We suggest that you apply 3 months before you would like your benefits to begin. You can read more about your benefits and the documents you need to fill out to apply for your benefits here Pension SPD. For information about continuing your health coverage after you retire, please read more here Health and Welfare SPD.

Q. I just got married. How do I add my new wife as a beneficiary to my Pension plan?

A. To add your spouse as a beneficiary, complete a new Beneficiary form and send it to the Fund Office. To ensure your new spouse is added to your health plan, please refer to the “I’m getting married” Health & Welfare Q&A.

Q. How soon can I retire?

A. As early as age 55 if you have 10 years of Past or Future Service and have applied for an Early Retirement Pension.

Q. Can I put money in my Pension plan?

A. No. This Plan is funded through employer contributions and does not permit employee contributions.

Q. What happens if I become Disabled?

A. You may qualify for Disability Benefits if you are totally and permanently disabled; you are under age 62; you have an average of Seven Hundred & Fifty (750) Hours of Service per year over the twenty-four (24) consecutive months before your date of disability; you have applied for Disability Benefits; and you have been totally and permanently disabled for at least one hundred eight (180) days. If you become disabled you may also be eligible for benefits from the Health and Welfare Plan and the Defined Contribution Plan B.